Assessment 1 Critical health issue in Jewish Community

Get Assessment 1 Critical health issue in Jewish Community essay assignment help

Assessment 1 Critical health issue in Jewish Community from Brooklyn New York essay assignment

A 3 page report on a critical health issue(public health issues: measles, mumps outbreak in jewish community in brooklyn, new york) . Include statistics, Factors that contributed to the health issues and interventions that have been implemented. Explain the scope and role of nursing in interventions to reduce the health issue and recommend evidenced based ways the scope of interventions might be expanded to increase positive health care outcomes (cost, effectiveness, conventional and unconventional interventions.

Assessment 1 Critical health issue in Jewish Community  essay assignment

Recommended References:
healthy people 2020
Racial and ethical approaches to community health Galloway Giliam L 2013
Community health nursing vision 2020, shaping the future, Schofield, Gannan

Assessment 2: Mental Health
• Develop a 6 page article on a global health topic (Mental health) and it’s impact, statistics, global area most affected and type of healthcare issues with this
• Decribe factors(politics, social attitude, economics, religuious) that impact health and healthcare delivery in the global area affected by mental health associated with a global health care issue and the interventions that have been implemented to address this issue
• Explain the influence of altruistic organizations(peace corps, project hope, religious mission) on health and health practices associated with a global health issue.
• Explain how best health care decisions and ( poor health care decision and practices at a local level(area impacted by it) relate to health and health care delivery on a global scale. identify evidenced based interventions that are efficient, cost-effective and rquitable for promoting wellness and mental disease in the specific area

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