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Assignment:Nursing essay assignment

Question 1

A card is selected at random from a standard deck of 52 playing cards.  Find the probability of randomly selecting a red suit or a queen.  Find answer in reduced fraction form.
Assignment:Nursing essay assignment
Question 2
The table shows the results of a survey that asked 2850 people whether they are involved in any type of charity work.  A person is selected at random from the sample.  Find the probability the person is female or frequently involved in charity work.


Question 3

In a sample of 100 auto parts, 12 are defective.  If three parts are selected without replacement, find the probability that all three parts are defective.  Find answer in reduced fraction form.


Question 4

The table shows the number of male and female students enrolled in nursing at a university.  A student is selected at random.  Find the probability that the student is a male or a nursing student.


Question 5

If there are five multiple choice questions on a quiz, find the probability of getting them all correct.  Assume each question has four choices, with only one choice being correct.  Round answer to four decimal places.

Question 6

Twelve light bulbs are tested to see if they last as long as the manufacturer claims they do.  Three light bulbs fail the test.  If two light bulbs are selected at random from this group of twelve without replacement, what is the probability that at least one light bulb failed the test.

Question 7

The table shows the results of a survey in which 90 dog owners were asked how much they have spent in the last year for their dog’s health care, and whether their dogs were purebred or mixed breeds.


Given that a randomly selected dog owner spent less than $100, the probability that the dog was a mixed breed is [x1].  Write answer rounded to three decimal places.


Question 8


In a survey conducted by the National Family Organization, new mothers were asked to rate the difficulty of delivering their first child compared with what they expected.  The pie graph below shows the results.  If you selected a new mother at random and asked her to compare the difficulty of her delivery with what she expected, what would be the probability that she would say that it was the same or more difficult than what she expected?Write your answer here as a percent. [x1


Question 9


The number of responses to a survey are shown in the Pareto chart.  The survey asked 1005 U.S. adults what they feel is the biggest problem with movies.  Each person gave one response.  Find the probability that a randomly selected person from the sample feels the biggest problem with movies is not both that movies have too much violence or that the tickets cost too much. This means that you are looking for the adults who did not say these two responses. Answer should be rounded to three decimal places.


Question 10
You select a card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards.  Find the probability that the card is a 4 or an ace.


Write your answer here in reduced fraction form.  For example: write 3/4 for the fraction three fourths. [x1]


Are these two events mutually exclusive? Answer yes or no. [x2]