Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services

Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services

Bellevue Hospital is a non-profit making organization that is locally owned. It offers a range of services whose aim is better healthcare of the community. To begin with, the hospital offers a range of ambulatory services on-site. They provide patients with high quality and convenient care in outpatient and private setting. Most patients do not like receiving medication through oral, injection, or infusion, but prefer the use of IV. Bellevue Hospital also offers aquatic therapy, which provides patients with a chance to receive therapeutic services with low impact. It has been proven that pain is typically minimized or eliminated in aquatic therapy since the body is supported by water, which in turn offloads the weight directed at joints. Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services

Additionally, the hospital provides cardiac rehabilitation services for clients who have already undergone surgery and are recovering. This program seeks to speed up the recovery of the patients and also minimize the chances of it re-occurring in the future. Patients learn how to improve physical fitness and exercise through this program (Stiehl, 2017). Also, the hospital offers specialized education for diabetic patients to help them create and maintain a healthy lifestyle through topics such as monitoring, education, medication, exercise, and diet. Bellevue Hospital, also using advanced technology, offers diagnostic imaging convenient services that fit various needs of a whole family. Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services

Moreover, it provides family health services through different appointments, and they often accept new patients. Their rehabilitation team can complete services that are related to work for families so that they improve their safety and health, productivity, minimize injuries, and reduce costs. Besides, the hospital gives full lactation services, and they support the rights of the baby to breastfeed.


Ways the Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals Serve Its Stakeholders

The mission statement helps the stakeholders by taking care of the patients. Bellevue works to prevent illness, treat the injured, and heal the sick among its stakeholders (William, N. R., & Joan, R. (2015). In addition, through their mission, they protect their trust so that it can be a progressive and quality healthcare facility. Using its vision statement, the hospital ensures that its stakeholders have the necessary resources which could help them attain high health levels throughout life. In addition, they can benefit from the hospital through its courage, integrity, compassion, and respect for their confidentiality and individuality. Bellevue hospital is also progressive in its provision and anticipation of future health services. Finally, the hospital is reliable and always available to serve the community whenever they need it. Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services

The Current Target Market of Bellevue Hospital

The target market for this hospital currently is substance use disorder patients. To reach them, the hospital has formed a task force that would help it find ways in which it can achieve this group. People in this group usually start using drugs for a desire to experiment with them; then, they go on to consume them occasionally, and finally, they end up using them intensively and sometimes developing a substance use disorder. This progression is complex and is only partially known. The process depends on the interactions between the substance, the user, and the environment. Treatment of this disorder varies depending on the substance and circumstances. The specific treatment depends on the drug consumed, but usually consists of advice and sometimes requires the use of other substances. The support of the family and the support groups helps to maintain the person’s commitment to interrupting consumption. Since the sharing of needles is a frequent cause of HIV infection, programs to reduce their incidence are carried out. Its objective is to reduce the infections due to the use of drugs in which they cannot stop using them. Therefore, consumers are given sterile needles and syringes so that they do not reuse those of other users. This strategy helps reduce the transmission and costs to society of HIV infection and hepatitis. Bellevue Hospital and Its Current Services


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