Chemistry Homework

Get Chemistry Homework essay assignment help

Chemistry Homework essay assignment

Answer all questions in the space provided. Number each question in your response. Answer each question in no more than 100 words (words exceeding this limit will not be considered in grading). One or more of the following questions will be graded.

Chemistry Homework essay assignment

1. It is a fact that when the water vapor around us condenses to form liquid water (rain, or fog) there is a slight rise in the air temperature. Offer a thermodynamic level explanation for this fact.

2. For the reaction in which solid carbon dioxide (“dry ice”) sublimes to become gaseous carbon dioxide, CO2(s)->CO2(g), what is the direction of the heat transfer?

3. On the chart above, draw the curve of potential energy vs. distance you would expect to see for the formation of HI(g) from H(g) and I(g) atoms. (No calculations are necessary, but be sure your answer is qualitatively correct.)

NOTE: Since you are unable to submit drawings to Sapling, please write a sentence or two describing the key differences between the old graph and the new one of H and I atoms.


4. Molar heat capacity of pure copper is 24 J/(mol K). Imagine that you place a 100 g sample of copper heated to 367 K into a container with 100 g of water, half of which are ice cubes. What change of the temperature of the system do you expect? All data that you might need were given in Lecture 23.

5. A gas fills a 10 L container at T1= 300 K. An additional quantity of the same gas at T2 = 600 K is pumped into this container. As a result the temperature of the mixture becomes Tm = 400 K. What was the quantity of the gas added relative to its initial quantity in the container?