Client Empowerment

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Client Empowerment essay assignment

The concept of empowerment has meaning and relevance in these times of growing inequality, diminishing resources, and increasing intergroup conflict. These problems might seem too large and pervasive, yet social workers effect social change in these areas one client at a time. Sometimes that “client” is an entire community or population in need of empowering support and advocacy. The alleviation of oppression and discrimination for one client can change the experience for many others who are faced with the same plight. Social workers examine a client’s identity characteristics or factors, in terms of social class, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and education. Based on theories of empowerment, what influence might these characteristics or factors have on clients’ senses of empowerment? Are there times when a social worker or the system might work against client empowerment? How might you assist your clients in recognizing their strengths, in order to empower them against the oppression and discrimination they might be facing?

Client Empowerment essay assignment


For this Discussion, review this week’s resources, including the Cortez case study. Consider Paula’s situation. Consider the ways each professional may be supporting or stifling her empowerment. Select two of the professionals involved and consider how their approach compares or contrasts with social work values and ethics related to empowerment. Then, consider how Paula’s situation and the professionals involved might affect her personal empowerment. Finally, think about Paula’s strengths and how you might help her to recognize and build them to improve her sense of empowerment.


·       Post a brief description of the approach each of the professionals involved are using that may support or limit Paula’s personal empowerment.


·       Choose two professionals and explain how their approach either may or may not reflect social work values. Then, explain how Paula’s personal empowerment might be impacted by the approaches chosen.


·       Describe two social work skills you might use with Paula Cortez to overcome the presenting concerns she is facing in light of her current hospitalization and the professionals involved.


·       Finally, identify the social work skills you would use with the rest of the treatment team.