Cross-cultural communication in the workplace

Cross-cultural communication in the workplace

With today’s diverse workplace, communication challenges tend to be so complex. Each culture tends to have its own set of assumptions as well as tendencies in regard to face to face interactions and attempting to get your personal point across effectively can at times be hard.

Workplaces are currently composed of remote teams which are scattered across the country. Due to this cross cultural communication becomes an essential part of the organizational success. In this assignment we shall consider three main techniques that can be used to improve cross cultural communication in the workplace.


Main Point #1: Maintaining etiquette

– Different cultures have different etiquette around the way they communicate

-Appropriate etiquette goes a long way in respecting other people’s culture

-Study the target culture

Main Point #2: Practice active listening

– Restate what the other people has said

– Aids in building rapport to make sure that essential information does not get missed

-Ask frequent questions

Main Point #3: Avoid closed questions

– Avoid questions that require a yes or a no response

– Majority of the cultures avoid questions which require a negative response

-Ask open-ended questions which require information as response


Cross cultural communication is among the firm’s overall communication strategy and improving in this area is a major step in increasing the employees as well as the firms’ performance. Organizations should major in improving communication in the firms since effective communication is the key to success of any firm. Through enhancing and maintaining etiquette, practicing active listening and avoiding closed questions it will be easy for firms to enhance effective cross cultural communications.

Visual #1


This image can be used when discussing about the meaning of cross cultural communication. This is because the image is composed of people of different colors. It shows how effective cross cultural communication aids in enhancing happy and effective communication. This is because the individuals in the presentation tend to be happy and contented with the conversation that they are having. The individuals are all putting on a smiling face which is an indication they are all happy. This image will bring out the importance of an effective communication among individuals.

Visual #2


The image is made up of people that tend to be communicating. The image will be included at the introduction of the PowerPoint to bring out the fact that the presentation will mainly major on the sending and receiving of messages. The pictures show that all people are connected effectively. The picture shows the essentiality of effective communication. It can be used for adding personality and also human connection to the presentation. The picture also has symbols of communication mainly messages. Therefore, the pictures show that effective transfer of information aids in making communication effective and also the people in the conversation are contented and impressed with it.

Visual #3


The image represents individuals that are communication. The individuals tend to be practicing the art of active listening. The image can be used to introduce the slide that will major on the effectiveness as well as the essentiality of active listening during communication. Given that the presentation majors at the aspects that can improve cross cultural communication in organizations, the image will be effective in reminding the audience on the importance of active listening during communication. Thus the image is essential in portraying the effectiveness of active listening during communication. Similarly, this image can be used to emphasize on the importance of effective communication given that the individuals in the image are happy.


Visual #4


The image will be used to bring out the importance of good etiquette in a communication. The individuals in the pictures are happy with the presentation that is taking place. The image will introduce the audience to that which will be discussed in the PowerPoint presentation. I selected this image since different parts of the brain compared to words and they to have a quicker as well as stronger reaction compared to words.

Visual #5

The visuals will be efficient since they can be used to display the techniques for enhancing cross communication in organization in a clearer way. In order to make it more understandable we will include the cross communication in the triangle and the different ways of improving cross cultural communication in the circles. This will be a simple way of ensuring that the readers remember these ways. This will as well make the presentation impressive.


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