Electronic Records

Get Electronic Records essay assignment help

Electronic Records essay assignment

Electronic Records essay assignment

Because the use of electronic health records continue to be a focus of health care reform efforts, it is vital that nurses understand how electronic records impact their own nursing practices. Reflect on your reading and the media program from this week. Think about how the use of electronic records changes health care practice, patient safety, and quality of patient care. Then, consider the following:

• If your work setting has an electronic health record system used by nurses, how have nursing practices changed since those systems were implemented?
• If your work setting does not currently have an electronic health record system, imagine two nursing practice changes that might take place if one were implemented and evaluate those changes as positive or negative, explaining why you think this way.

With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following:

• What, if any, problems have you or nurse colleagues encountered in using an electronic health record system?
• Overall, do you and your colleagues think the changes brought on by the use of electronic records are mostly beneficial or detrimental? Include at least one example.



Course Text: Hebda, T., & Czar, P. (2013). Handbook of informatics for nurses and healthcare professionals (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.


o    Chapter 6, “Healthcare Information Systems”

This chapter discusses the different types of information systems used in health care practice. It also explains the functions and key features of information systems.

Chapter 14 explores the use and impact of electronic historical health records (EHR). The chapter also presents the advantages and disadvantages of EHRs.


Text book #2


·         Course Text: American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of practice (2nd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Author.


o    “Integrated Functional Areas: Telehealth and Telenursing as Exemplar” (pp. 36-37)

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