Health Care Reform-The Affordable Care Act

Get Health Care Reform-The Affordable Care Act essay assignment help

Health Care Reform-The Affordable Care Act essay assignment

Health care is a basic human right (ANA, 1989, ANA, 1998, ANA 2005). Thus, ANA reaffirms its support for a restructured health care system that assures universal access to a standard package of essential health care services for all citizens and residents.”

Health Care Reform-The Affordable Care Act essay assignment

  • “ANA believes that the development and implementation of health policies that reflect the six Institute of Medicine (IOM) aims (Safe/Effective/Patient-centered/Timely/Efficient/Equitable) and are based on outcomes research will ultimately save money.”
  • “The system must be reshaped and redirected away from the overuse of expensive, technology-driven, acute, hospital-based services in the model we now have, to one in which a balance is struck between high-tech treatment and community-based and preventive services, with emphasis on the latter. The solution is to invert the pyramid and focus more on primary care, thus ultimately requiring less costly secondary and tertiary care.”


Please read the attached Health Policy Brief on Basic Health Program and “Nursing’s Role in healthcare reform” from American Nurse Today. 

Please go to, go to the Take Action tab above to access the following information regarding health care reform and the new Affordable Care Act. Scroll down the page to the heading Resources and Supreme Court Challenge to learn more about the health care reform and how it affects you as a nurse and as an individual with a family. Check out all the different information.
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