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Healthcare Rough Draft essay assignment

The rough draft for your course project is now due.

Your rough draft should include a cover page, 8 pages of writing in the body of the paper, and a reference page. The paper should demonstrate a strong thesis about the managerial processes that must be implemented before opening day. You must have a minimum of two examples from each of the following areas: financial management, human resources, supply chain management, governmental compliance, and credentialing. In your discussion, you must explain not only the process but also how you would complete it.

Your research should include at least 5 different sources. The paper must use in-text citations and references in APA format. You can find more information on APA format in the Online Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab.

Healthcare Rough Draft essay assignment



Quality improvement in healthcare.

Healthcare needs improvements in order to make it more reliable and more beneficial to the patients. This paper will focus on how the performance of health givers can be measured and how we can determine the methods of increasing quality of service given.        

Boaden, R. J., NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (Great Britain), & Manchester Business School. (2008). Quality improvement: Theory and practice in healthcare. Coventry: NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

This book explains a number of types of metrics that can be used by a professional in the healthcare sector to monitor the progress of a patient. It also has explained some metrics that can be used by the health worker to determine different outcomes for different treatments. This quality metrics allow a user to determine the quality of healthcare offered to the patient. This information and metrics can be used in healthcare to determine how best healthcare can be delivered to patients. The website was greatly useful in learning how performance for health givers can be measured.

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Carey, R. G., & Lloyd, R. C. (2005). Measuring quality improvement in healthcare: A guide to statistical process control applications. New York: Quality Resources.Bottom of Form


This is a public resource that contains information with evidence about quality of healthcare and how it can be measured and enhanced. The website gives adequate knowledge on how quality can be checked. The website talks about how you can determine what method to be used in measuring quality in different work environments. This website is highly useful since it gives different methods of evaluation and how they can be applied.

Shaw, P., & American Health Information Management Association. (2008). Quality and performance improvement in healthcare: A tool for programmed learning. Chicago, IL: AHIMA.

This book gives information that is useful in differentiating different health plans and how effective they are. The website has 75 different methods that can be used in the comparison between different health plans. This information helps the health givers to determine which plans are best for different conditions. The knowledge found on this website is greatly useful in improving the quality of service and care given to patients.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (2005). Quality & safety in health care. London: BMJ Pub. Group.

This book gives information about different levels of healthcare and what happens in every level. The website efficiently gives information about the processes that go on in these levels. The information given is from survey and the recommendations given are after a great deal of study. The information on this website is freely available and is greatly useful in finding solutions for problems in processes of different levels. These levels happen to have different needs in terms of tools and skills. Equipped with information, it becomes easy to determine the things that need to be enhanced in order to deliver the best service.

Al-Assaf, A. F., & Schmele, J. A. (2006). The Textbook of total quality in healthcare. Delray Beach, Fla: St. Lucie Press.

This is an article of a non-profit organization that deals with the study of metrics and methods that can be used in the evaluation of quality of service in healthcare. This institute also study’s different methods that can be used to enhance the quality of service delivered in healthcare sector. The information provided here is highly useful in finding the right method for evaluation. In addition, different enhancement methods are published on this website. The information published here helps a great deal in teaching quality-enhancing methods of care delivery.


In order to enhance the quality of service and care given in health sectors, evaluations need to be done in order to find the places that need enhancements. It is this evaluation that helps in development of quality improvement strategies. These sources contain both methods of evaluation and solutions to problems found after evaluation.

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