Improving Quality: Patient -Centered Care

Get Improving Quality: Patient -Centered Care essay assignment help

Improving Quality: Patient -Centered Care essay assignment

According to the Institute of Medicine (2012), in order to improve health care, the goal should be to provide safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable care. Health care needs to be patient-centered and all though most places claim to base their practice around patient’s, it does not always happen that way. As providers feel pressured to see more patients in less time, care has shifted to the needs of the system rather than the patient. According to Knickman and Kovner (2015), even though many tools, techniques, and measure have been implemented to evaluate and improve quality in the U.S, patient-centered treatment is still an ongoing problem in the US.

Improving Quality: Patient -Centered Care essay assignment

Quality Improvement Strategy

According to The Institute for Health Care Improvement, 2016 “care that is truly patient-centered considers patients’ cultural traditions, their personal preferences and values, their family situations, and their lifestyles. It makes the patient an integral part of the care team who collaborates with care providers in making clinical decisions. Patient-centered care puts responsibility for important aspects of self-care and monitoring in patients’ hands long with the tools and support they need to carry out that responsibility”.

Aims for Improvement



Improving Quality with Interpersonal Communication

“Communication is an integral part of life; without it, we would not survive. Verbal and non-verbal communication begins at birth and ends at death. We need communication not only to transmit information and knowledge to one another, but more importantly, to relate to one another as human beings around the world in the context of relationships, families, organizations, and nations” (American Nurses Association,2012). Bedside reporting is a great example of implementing interpersonal communication, it allows the patient to meet the on coming nurse and it allows the patient to be part of their care. Also the doctor setting up a follow up appointment for the patient before they discharge is a way to keep an open line of communication between patient and doctor and it provides patient center care. I see both of these examples done at my place of employment.




Although there has been much improvement to patient-centered health care, there is still much more work to be done. I have heard the expression, we are guests in our patients lives, instead of hosts in our health care organization. This is a great motto to live by  and to use as we grow to be the kind of health care organization that patients do not mind revisiting as their health needs permit.





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