NURS 6211: Budgeting-Part 1

Get NURS 6211: Budgeting-Part 1 essay assignment help

NURS 6211: Budgeting-Part 1 essay assignment

NURS 6211: Finance and Economics in Health Care Delivery | Week 5 essay assignment

Think back to last Week’s example of a nurse manager running a small university clinic. If you were this nurse manager, you would now have to prepare a budget for the coming year. First of all, who makes decisions about what goes in the budget? Do you get to decide as the manager of the clinic, or does your budget come from the university administration? Second, what are the critical items that must be included, and what are other items that may be less critical but still helpful to have? What if that flu epidemic hits? Will your budget be prepared for that? Could you deviate from the budget without dire consequences?

NURS 6211: Budgeting-Part 1 essay assignment

This week, you explore different philosophies of budget development and examine issues that influence budget decisions. You also practice developing a budget for a health care organization or department.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Evaluate budgeting approaches
  • Apply volume calculations to budget decisions
  • Apply staffing and supply calculations to budget decisions

NURS 6211: Budgeting-Part 1

Assignment: Net Revenue and Budgeting essay assignment

By Day 7

Continue to work on the Week 5 Application Assignment that you started working on in Week 4.

This Assignment will be due. Be sure and include all of your calculations.

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