NURS 6221 Week 9:Diversity management in the Workplace

Get NURS 6221 Week 9:Diversity management in the Workplace essay assignment help

NURS 6221 Week 9:Diversity management in the Workplace essay assignment

NURS 6221: Managing Human Resources | Week 9 essay assignment 

At the 2012 National Leadership and Education Conference, the University of California Davis Medical Center received an award for promoting diversity. The Med Center was recognized as “Best in Class” for Diversity Management and Workforce, a category that is judged based on a hospital’s efforts to recruit, retain, and promote minority individuals in the workplace.

The advantages of diversity in the workplace are noteworthy; however, diversity also adds another layer of complexity to human resource management. Diversity can bring with it wide variations in how situations are approached, interpreted, and even communicated. It can also add to the depth and richness of the workplace. When all employees are respected and contribute to discussions and problem solving, the solutions tend to be more robust and effective.

NURS 6221 Week 9:Diversity management in the Workplace essay assignment

The challenge for nurse managers is to appreciate and build on the various strengths that each individual brings to the workplace while also building cohesive relationships that capitalize on the very best that each employee has to offer.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze the impact of diversity in workplaces
  • Evaluate strategies nurse managers can use to mitigate diversity issues
  • Analyze difficulties that work environments might pose to older workers*
  • Evaluate strategies for engaging and retaining older workers*

Creating and managing a diverse workforce is a process, not a destination.

—R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.

What concepts come to mind when you think of diversity? What kinds of diversity exist in your workplace? How does diversity impact communication, working relationships, productivity, and patient care?

In the workplace, focusing on differences can create divisiveness. Nurse managers should approach diversity as a way to highlight, communicate, and build on the commonalities of their workforce. Modeling this behavior can encourage appreciation for diversity and create a more positive workplace environment. When managing a diverse workforce, nurse managers should never make assumptions about an individual’s motivations, goals, or work ethic based upon personal traits such as age, gender, race, or culture. Nurse managers should strive to facilitate an inclusive environment for all.

To prepare

  • Review the article, “Diversity within Nursing: Effects on Nurse-Nurse Interaction, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover.” Examine Figure 1 on p. 218. Determine how these and other diversity issues might impact the interaction of nurses in the workplace.
  • Consider situations in your current organization or one with which you are familiar in which obvious diversity exists. How do these types of diversity issues affect the daily work environment?
  • Examine this week’s Learning Resources to identify strategies for finding commonalities among workers. How might these strategies also help to increase appreciation of diversity within the workplace?

NURS 6221 Week 9:Diversity management in the Workplace essay assignment

By Day 3

Post an explanation of how diversity-related issues impact your current organization or one with which you are familiar. If you do not believe there are any issues related to diversity, explain how this workplace instills a culture of acceptance and positivity. Conclude your posting by describing at least two commonalties everyone in this workplace shares and at least one new strategy you could implement to increase appreciation of both differences and similarities.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Appraise a colleague’s strategy by providing insight into whether or not this strategy could effectively mitigate diversity issues. Support your comments by using authentic examples and references to this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Suggest an additional strategy a colleague could use to mitigate diversity issues.

Assignment: Creating a Welcoming Workplace for the Older Worker essay assignment

The nursing workforce is aging rapidly. In fact, Baby Boomers constitute the largest group of nurses currently practicing. This aging workforce poses two significant ramifications for nurse managers. First, due to the volatility and uncertainty in the world and national economy, many Baby Boomers have shifted their retirement plans and are staying in the workforce. This is requiring creative responses on the part of employers. Conversely, as these highly experienced and knowledgeable nurses do begin to exit the active workforce, experts anticipate a “brain drain” that will affect all levels of health care environments.

In this week’s Assignment, you critically assess your current organization or one with which you are familiar to determine why older workers may stay in or leave their positions. In addition, you suggest strategies that could help to retain and further engage this specific population of nurses.

To prepare

  • Review the article, “From Veterans to Nexters: Managing the Multi-Generational Nursing Workforce.” Reflect upon the key ideas: the challenges and implications of managing a multi-generational workforce, common generational differences, interventions for increasing generational motivation, and strategies for retaining the older nurse.
  • Reflect on your current organization or one with which you are familiar and determine the demographic breakdown of employees based on age. Then, consider how this specific work environment might present difficulties for older workers and think about factors that might cause these employees to leave your setting.
  • Use this week’s Learning Resources, as well as your own scholarly research, to identify strategies that could engage and retain this population of nurses.

To complete

By Day 7 of Week 10

Submit a 3- to 5-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Identify the demographic breakdown of employees in the organization. If you are unable to access exact demographical data, provide your best estimate for each of the following age ranges: 20–30, 30–40, 40–50, 50–60, and 60–70, and 70+.
  • Describe at least two ways the work environment is conducive to older workers and at least two difficulties it might present. Support your response by citing authentic examples from the workplace and this week’s Learning Resources as applicable.
  • Propose at least four specific strategies you could implement to engage and retain older workers.

This Assignment is due on Day 7 of Week 10.