NURS 6321 Week 4:Internal Factor Impacting Curriculum Development

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NURS 6321 Week 4: Needs Assessment: Internal Factors That Impact Curriculum and Program Development, Part 3 essay assignment

NURS 6321: Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation | Week 4 essay assignment

Reflect back on Linda, first introduced in the Week 2 Discussion. Since Linda’s initial meeting with the board of trustees 2 months ago, she has been working hard to develop her program proposal. She conducted a needs assessment and found many patient education needs that could be addressed through her program. She also identified external factors that could impact the program’s success. Linda knows that if approved, it will take a considerable amount of money to initiate this program. To help defray costs, Linda wondered if she could repurpose some of the setting’s existing resources. After reviewing a few videotapes and pamphlets that appeared dated in both style and tone, Linda quickly realized that repurposing old materials would not be an effective option. Today’s patients expect and deserve more. LiveWell’s focus on quality might be the ammunition she needs to persuade the board of trustees to approve her program proposal. Linda writes down her wish list of resources: a website where patients could connect with nurses about health concerns, a Smart Board that staff could use for interactive patient education, and a meeting room where bimonthly sessions could be conducted.

NURS 6321 Week 4:Internal Factor Impacting Curriculum Development essay assignment

How might LiveWell’s policies for allocating resources impact Linda’s plan? If needed, how could she generate funds for her program? How might the internal politics of LiveWell enhance or diminish her power to develop this type of program? What staff members might be valuable assets to include in the development process? Linda realizes that though she is stepping in the right direction, she still has many factors to investigate before scheduling her second meeting with the board of trustees.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze curriculum development and approval processes
  • Evaluate the impact of internal factors on curriculum development and approval
  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Analyze external factors that impact curriculum development
  • Analyze internal factors that impact curriculum development

Internal factors can impact every aspect of the curriculum development process. When developing and seeking approval for staff trainings, academic courses, or entire nursing programs, it is imperative that nurse educators are cognizant of the internal environment of the parent institution or agency. Recognizing internal politics, budgetary and resource allocations, faculty/staff characteristics, and the organizational structure of the setting can help nurse educators better prepare for the development process. In addition, aligning the program to the overarching mission, vision, and philosophy of the institution can help nurse educators undergo a smoother approval process.

In this Discussion, you explore the development and approval processes used in an academic or clinical setting with which you are familiar. You then determine how internal factors may have impacted these processes.

To prepare:

  • Consider how curriculum is developed and approved. How might approval at a large institution differ from that at a small institution? How might approval for an academic institution differ from that of a clinical agency?
  • Select a curriculum (seminar, training, course, or program) offered through a workplace or academic institution with which you are familiar.
  • Review Chapter 3, “Needs Assessment: The External and Internal Frame Factors,” in the Keating text. Examine how internal factors might have impacted the development and approval of this curriculum.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of the curriculum and setting that you selected. Provide an overview of the curriculum development and approval processes applicable to your selected setting. Explain how internal factors can impact the development and approval of this curriculum and why.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Reflect on the internal factors described by a colleague. Suggest strategies or professional insights they could use to overcome barriers associated with these internal factors.
  • Compare your approval process with one described by a colleague, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and/or challenges.