NURS 6331 Week 1: Engaging the Adult Learner

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NURS 6331: Teaching Learning Strategies: Integrating Technology Into Nursing Education | Week 1

Blogs, wikis, podcasts, screencasts, webinars, eBooks, Google Docs, simulations, social networking sites, smart phones, tablets, asynchronous discussions, and audience response systems are changing the landscape of education. Which of these technologies have you used? Which do you find to be most engaging and beneficial? Can you assume that your preferences mirror those of your colleagues? With so many options and preferences, learning can be a very personalized experience. How do nurse educators know when, where, and how to integrate these technologies into their curriculum?

Numerous technologies and strategies are available for nurse educators to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Like any good plan, however, all learning experiences must have a solid foundation. As such, in the first week of this course, you examine pedagogies that nurse educators can use to guide the development of learning experiences that better meet the needs of adult learners.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Evaluate learning experiences for evidence of educational pedagogies
  • Analyze the use of pedagogies to enhance learning experiences

Just as theory underpins nursing practice, so too does theory support and inspire educational practice. Educational theories provide nurse educators with a unique lens for the development and evaluation of learning experiences. As a nurse educator, it is imperative that you become familiar with the theories that will help to drive your curriculum.

In this week’s Discussion, you explore three* pedagogies that are well known in the field of education: andragogy, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, and constructivism. Though andragogy and constructivism are essentially theories of learning and Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction is thought to be a model of learning, each is also referred to as pedagogy, or the practice and science of teaching.

NURS 6331 Week 1: Engaging the Adult Learner

*Note: By Day 1 of this week, your Instructor will assign one of these three pedagogies to you for your Discussion: andragogy, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, or constructivism. Be sure to match your initial posting to the thread of the pedagogy that your Instructor will assign you. For example, if you are assigned andragogy, then post to the Discussion – Week 1 (andragogy)thread.

To prepare

  • Review Chapter 2, “Theoretical Basis of E-Learning,” and Chapter 3, “Instructional Design for E-Learning in Nurse Education,” of the Bristol and Zerwekh course text. Reflect on the ways nurse educators use pedagogies to guide the development of curricula.
  • Search the Internet to locate a learning experience that adheres to the following guidelines:
    • The learning experience is described in detail through a step-by-step Lesson Plan, lesson summary, or an online video.
    • The learning experience is representative of nursing curriculum (i.e., the lesson teaches a technical skill or concept that could be beneficial to nursing students, staff, or patients).
    • You are able to share the learning experience with colleagues via a Word Document, PDF, hyperlink, or another method.
  • Search the Walden Library as well as other reputable sites to locate one scholarly article related to the use of your assigned pedagogy. Consider how your article and your assigned pedagogy are applicable to the education of nursing students, staff, and/or patients. Conduct further research as needed.
  • Examine your selected learning experience through the lens of your assigned pedagogy.
    • Is this pedagogy implicitly or explicitly used in this lesson?
    • If you were the instructor, how might you integrate (or further include) this pedagogy to enhance the learning experience?

NURS 6331 Week 1: Engaging the Adult Learner

By Day 3

Post a brief description of the learning experience that you found online. Identify your assigned pedagogy and explain whether/how it was evident throughout this lesson. Describe at least one way that you might use this pedagogy to enhance the learning experience. Justify your response by citing references to your selected scholarly article. At the close of your post, provide an APA citation* for both your article and learning experience.

*Attach a Word Document or PDF of your selected learning experience if you are unable to provide a stable hyperlink in your APA citation.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days using one or more of the following approaches. Be sure to respond to each pedagogy to which you were not assigned.

  • Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.
  • Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research in the Walden Library.