NURS 6331 Week 8: Clinical Experiences

Get NURS 6331 Week 8: Clinical Experiences essay assignment help

NURS 6331 Week 8: Clinical Experiences essay assignment

NURS 6331: Teaching Learning Strategies: Integrating Technology Into Nursing Education | Week 8 essay assignment

Consider the following situations:

A nursing student enters the examination room and the patient complains bitterly at having to wait so long before being seen.


Upon examining an Indian woman, the nursing student notices numerous bruises. When asked how the patient obtained the bruises, she becomes noticeably uncomfortable and mumbles she “falls a lot.”


In the emergency room, a patient grabs ahold of the nursing student and begs to have her child seen immediately.

As a nurse educator, what methods can you employ to best prepare nursing students for some of the challenges and difficult situations in which they may find themselves?

NURS 6331 Week 8: Clinical Experiences essay assignment

This week, you explore clinical experiences nurse educators employ to prepare nursing students for the clinical environment. Specifically, you will explore role play, a simulated experience that simulates the interactions students might one day experience in the clinical environment.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Demonstrate appropriate clinical skills and patient interactions
  • Evaluate learning experiences and objectives for alignment to learning domains
  • Design Lesson Pl                                                                                         an for Role-Play clinical demonstration
  • Sumbit final version of Screencast

Role plays can help prepare students for the clinical environment by engaging them in authentic, simulated experiences. Role plays also have a great impact on each learning domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy: cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitude), and psychomotor (physical skills). Due to the hands-on nature required of these activities, role play also gives educators the opportunity to address a variety of learning styles. For example, by having students watch a role play demonstration, nurse educators can address the learning needs of auditory and visual learners. Supplying students with handouts and/or transcripts of the role play can also further address visual learners or students with processing disorders. To engage kinesthetic learners, nurse educators can then require students to demonstrate a role-play situation themselves; which is the ultimate goal and epitome of role playing in practicum settings.

In this Assignment, you will select a clinical activity to role play with a fictitious patient.

Role Play Assignment Instructions

  • Review Chapter 13, “Role Play” in the Bradshaw and Lowenstein course text. How might you adapt the traditional role-play process to create a role play for a video demonstration?
  • Review this week’s media, Role-Play Demonstration. Reflect on the interactions between Dr. Tim Bristol and his patient. In addition, take careful note of the teaching strategies Dr. Bristol uses during his role-play demonstration.
  • Review the Role Play Demonstration: An Example document.
  • Review the Creating a Role Play Demonstration Rubric to review the expectations for this Assignment.
  • Using the Lesson Plan Template document, plan and create your Role Play video.

By Day 3

Upload a draft of your Lesson Plan for feedback from your Instructor.

Note: According to the Creating a Role Play Demonstration Rubric and the Grading Criteria and Total Components of a Grade section of the Syllabus in your My Gradesarea, the grade for this Assignment will be reflected in 2 separate parts and will be named as follows:

  • Week 11 Assignment Part 1: Lesson Plan (100 pts.)
  • Week 11 Assignment Part 2: Demonstration Video (125 pts.)

Submission and Grading Information

Assignment 2: Peer Review Forum: Creating a Screencast essay assignment

This week, you share your video presentation with colleagues. Follow the directions below:

By Day 5

  • Submit your Screencast to the Assignment 2 Part 1- Week 8 submission link using the Kaltura Media option available via the mashup tool. More information about adding video to the classroom is located on the Kaltura Media Uploader page in the course navigation menu.
  • Post your Screencasts Peer Review Forum, (using text, audio, or video) that provides a brief description of your Screencast and intended audience of learners. Use the Kaltura media option available via the mashup tool menu to upload your Screencast.

By Day 7

  • Review Screencasts uploaded by your colleagues in the Screencasts Peer Review Forum.
  • Respond* to at least two of your colleagues using the following approach:
    • Share at least three meaningful edits, insights, and/or probing questions that could help your colleague to enhance his or her presentation skills and overall presentation. Please try first to select videos that have not been critiqued by other colleagues. Your instructor will be monitoring responses to ensure that everyone receives feedback.

*Note: For this activity, you are not required to provide your feedback on two different days. You may provide feedback to two colleagues on the same day.