NURS 6351 Week 10: Moving Forward in a Nursing Education Career

Get NURS 6351 Week 10: Moving Forward in a Nursing Education Career essay assignment help

NURS 6351 Week 10: Moving Forward in a Nursing Education Career essay assignment

NURS 6351: Role of the Nurse Educator | Week 10 essay assignment

How would you like to apply the knowledge and skills you have developed through your program of study in your career as a nurse educator? What insights have you gained about your chosen role and setting, and how have these influenced your plans and aspirations? What questions or concerns do you have about securing a position—now or in the future—that aligns with your values, expertise, and work/life priorities?

NURS 6351 Week 10: Moving Forward in a Nursing Education Career essay assignment 

This week, you examine strategies for conducting a job search, including identifying positions of interest, applying for jobs, and conveying your qualifications in interviews.

Also this week, you give concerted attention to course assignments that are due next week. On or before Day 1 of Week 11, you will share a presentation of your Practicum project with your colleagues so that you may exchange feedback. You will then submit your presentation for evaluation on or before Day 5 of Week 11. Your Practicum Time Log and Journal (including your third, and final, journal entry) is due next week as well. Bear in mind that you must complete all of your Practicum hours on or before Day 5 of Week 11. In addition, your professional portfolio is due on or before Day 3 of Week 11.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze job search strategies
  • Evaluate job descriptions to determine alignment with professional goals and expertise
  • Propose an application and interview plan for a position as a nurse educator
  • Develop an abstract for a poster presentation*
  • Evaluate authentic educational opportunities in health care settings*
  • Analyze a Practicum experience in the context of nursing education**
  • Construct a detailed Practicum log**
  • Evaluate evidence that demonstrates professional growth for inclusion in a professional portfolio***

*The Assignment related to this Learning Objective is submitted in Week 11.
**The Assignments related to these Learning Objectives is submitted in Week 11.
***The Assignment related to this Learning Objective is submitted in Week 11.

Your passion for nursing education has brought you here—to the culmination of this Master of Science in Nursing program. Through this program, you have been encouraged to think about your strengths, values, teaching philosophy, and the opportunities you have to create a positive impact through your role as a nursing educator.

How would you most like to leverage your expertise moving forward? What types of professional positions do you imagine yourself holding, now and further along your career path?

In this Discussion, you examine strategies for conducting an effective job search for a nurse education position, and assess how you could convey your qualifications through the application and interview processes.

To prepare

  • Reflect on your strengths, values, teaching philosophy, and professional aspirations. How will these inform your work as a nurse educator, especially during the next few years?
  • Consider what you have learned through your experiences in the Practicum about professional roles and functions in your specialty area.
  • Review the information in the Learning Resources, and think about the process of conducting a job search. If possible, speak with nursing educators at your Practicum setting and in other organizations about how they have identified positions that align with their needs and goals. Ask for advice for conducting a successful job search.
  • Search postings of open positions that appeal to you, and identify one for which you would like to apply. If you have difficulty finding such a position, you may select one that has already been filled or is in a different region to use for this Discussion. (Note: If you are not interested in finding a new position, please approach this activity as an opportunity to explore the field. If you are interested in changing positions, please use this activity for that purpose.)
  • What steps would you take to apply for and secure an interview for this position? Write a cover letter and target your résumé/CV for this position. (Note: If there is a formal application for the position, you are not required to complete it for this Discussion.)
  • Consider how you would prepare for an interview for this position. What questions do you think would be posed, and what information would you like to learn about the position and the organization? Ask a colleague or friend to conduct a practice interview with you.
  • Consider how you might use your professional portfolio (that you submit in Week 11) to demonstrate your capabilities during the interview process.

By Day 3

Post an explanation of strategies you would use to conduct a job search for a position of interest to you, including the resources you would use (and did use to identify the position for this Discussion). Explain the position you identified and how it aligns with your professional goals and expertise. Share your application and interview plan for a specific position, and explain how you would convey your qualifications and then apply your strengths, values, and teaching philosophy in this position.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by offering suggestions of strategies and/or additional resources related to the job search and/or application and interview plan.