NURS 6351 Week 11:Developing Professional Expertise

Get NURS 6351 Week 11:Developing Professional Expertise essay assignment help

NURS 6351 Week 11: Developing Professional Expertise Through Practicum Project Presentations and Portfolios essay assignment

NURS 6351: Role of the Nurse Educator | Week 11 essay assignment

Effective dissemination encompasses more than just the distribution and diffusion of information. It involves the processes by which target groups become aware of, receive, accept, and utilize information.

—Freemantle and Watt, 1994, p. 133

Congratulations! As you approach the conclusion of this course, you also draw nearer to the completion of your Master of Science in Nursing program. Such an accomplishment deserves thoughtful consideration and acknowledgement.

Throughout this course, you have been developing and implementing your Practicum project. Without proper dissemination, the project cannot achieve its intended impact. As a nurse scholar-practitioner, it is important to communicate your results and conclusions not only to fulfill the aims of your Practicum project, but also to facilitate your professional development and contribute to the field of nursing education.

On or before Day 1 of this week, you post a final draft of your PowerPoint presentation in the Discussion forum. Through the exchange of feedback with your colleagues in the course, you may identify opportunities for improvement related to content and presentation style; you have the option to revise your presentation prior to submitting it on or before Day 5 of this week.

In addition, your Practicum Time Log and Journal document (including your third, and final journal entry) is due on or before Day 5. As a reminder, you must complete all your Practicum hours by this week.

NURS 6351 Week 11:Developing Professional Expertise  essay assignment

The professional portfolio is another tool you can use to demonstrate your strengths and accomplishments as a scholar-practitioner. Your professional portfolio, which you have been assembling throughout this course, is due on or before Day 3 of this week.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Synthesize Practicum project elements into graduate-level presentations
  • Develop an abstract for a poster presentation
  • Analyze a Practicum experience in the context of nursing education
  • Construct a detailed Practicum log
  • Evaluate evidence that demonstrates professional growth for inclusion in a professional portfolio

We need big ideas to solve big problems, and we need inspiring leaders who can present those ideas so they are understandable, memorable, and make an emotional connection with their audiences.

—Gallo, 2013

The development and completion of your Practicum project signifies a significant milestone in your Master of Science in Nursing program of study. It is now time to impart the results of your effort.

In this Discussion, you share a final draft of your Practicum project presentation. Your colleagues’ questions and feedback can serve as a valuable resource, helping you to refine your presentation and complete the requirements with a high degree of professionalism prior to submitting the assignment later this week.

To prepare

  • Review the Practicum Project Presentation Overview, presented in the Week 10 Learning Resources, and view the instructions in this week’s Application Assignment.
  • Review the Week 10 Learning Resources, which provide suggestions for creating effective PowerPoint presentations.
  • Using PowerPoint, complete the final draft of your Practicum project presentation (in accordance with the guidelines in the Practicum Project Presentation Overview and this week’s Application Assignment). Note that the draft of your PowerPoint presentation posted in this online forum should be complete and polished. The document you share with your colleagues should reflect your best effort to create well thought-out, clear, and engaging presentation, although you will have an option to make revisions based on insights gained through this Discussion.

By Day 1

Post the final draft of your Practicum project presentation (by attaching your PowerPoint to your post). Describe the considerations you accounted for as you prepared to share your presentation online.

Review your colleagues’ presentations.

By Day 3

Post one or more questions related to the content of the presentation posted by at least one of your colleagues. You may also acknowledge strengths and/or suggest improvements related to the design and perceived effectiveness of the presentation. Try to direct your inquiry to someone who has not yet received a question.

Review your colleagues’ presentations.


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