NURS 6600: Applying Scholar-Practitioner Principles to Development

Get NURS 6600: Applying Scholar-Practitioner Principles to Development  essay assignment help

NURS 6600 Week 5: Applying Scholar-Practitioner Principles to Development of the Practicum Project essay assignment

NURS 6600: Capstone Synthesis Practicum | Week 5 essay assignment

Throughout your program of study, you have examined and applied principles that guide the work of the scholar-practitioner; for instance, by synthesizing current literature and engaging in scholarly writing. As you conclude the planning phase for your Practicum Project this week, it is important to give measured attention to how you can craft a proposal that effectively conveys the purpose, significance, and practicalities of your project.

NURS 6600: Applying Scholar-Practitioner Principles to Development essay assignment

In this week’s optional Discussion, you have the opportunity to share a draft of your Practicum Project Plan with your colleagues. This peer review and exchange of feedback can help you reflect on your project development thus far and may provide some insights that will help you refine your paper prior to submitting it by the end of this week.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this week, students will:
  • Evaluate authentic problems in health care settings to determine a focus for a Practicum Project
  • Develop a goal statement for a Practicum Project
  • Develop measurable objectives for a Practicum Project
  • Evaluate scholarly literature related to health care issues or problems
  • Evaluate methodology appropriate for addressing a health care issue or problem in the practicum setting
  • Analyze methods for evaluating a health care issue or problem in the practicum setting
  • Evaluate the application of theory or theories as it relates to the Practicum or practice experience
  • Analyze a Practicum Experience in the context of nursing leadership and management or nursing informatics*
  • Construct a detailed Practicum Time Log*
  • Evaluate evidence that demonstrates professional growth for inclusion in a Professional Portfolio**

*The Assignment related to these Learning Objectives was introduced in Week 4 and is submitted in Week 7.

**You continue working on the Assignment related to this Learning Objective, introduced in Week 2 and submitted in Week 11.

How are your plans for your Practicum Project progressing? What additional guidance or information would help you to refine your Practicum Project Plan?

Your Practicum Project Plan is due on or before Day 7 of this week. In preparation for completing the Assignment, you may use this forum to post a draft of your plan and receive support from your colleagues. This Discussion forum provides an opportunity for informal collaboration. It is not required, and you will not receive a grade for your participation.

If you choose to participate, you may integrate useful feedback you receive to strengthen your plan prior to submitting it. Just as importantly, reviewing your colleagues’ proposals may help you to deepen your understanding of the plan components and application of scholarly writing.

(Optional) To prepare:
  • Review the information in the Practicum Project Plan (PPP) Overview document, introduced in Week 3. The overview describes the elements that must be included in your plan.
  • Reflect on the development of your Practicum Project Plan thus far. Address any questions you have and/or identify areas in need of further consideration or improvement.
  • Develop any outstanding components of your Practicum Project Plan. For instance, you may need to continue your review of the literature and create your project timeline. You may wish to review the timeline table you completed on the Professional Practicum Experience Plan and update it as necessary.
  • Review the information on scholarly writing in this week’s Learning Resources, and integrate these principles as you develop your Practicum Project Plan.
  • Create a draft of your Practicum Project Plan (a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper) to share with your colleagues in this optional Discussion forum.

(Optional) Post a draft of your Practicum Project Plan.

Note: To provide sufficient time for review and feedback, you are encouraged to post your planon or before Day 3.

(Optional) Review a selection of your colleagues’ plans.

By Day 6

(Optional) Respond to one or more of your colleagues using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Describe strengths of your colleague’s plan.
  • Share any confusion or difficulties you experienced while reviewing the plan.
  • Propose suggestions for improvement.


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