NURS 6720 Week 10: Program Evaluation Design-Part 2

Get NURS 6720 Week 10: Program Evaluation Design-Part 2 essay assignment help

NURS 6720 Week 10: Program Evaluation Design-Part 2 essay assignment

NURS 6720: Population-based Public Health Nursing Interventions | Week 10 essay assignment

How do you demonstrate the effectiveness of your program? Some key questions can guide your thinking. First, what changes do you want to occur as a result of your program? While the case scenario that we’ve been discussing the last few weeks had as the overall goal a reduction in infant mortality, other important changes also took place. Crucial community partnerships were formed between residents, health care providers, and educators. In addition, community members were empowered to take ownership of their own health. Prior to the event, attendees were not even aware of the issue of infant mortality and the disparities facing African Americans. Therefore, the event raised community awareness of a health issue impacting countless lives.

NURS 6720 Week 10: Program Evaluation Design-Part 2 essay assignment

Second, ask yourself how will you know if your program is successful? Remember, it is important to be open to both positive and negative outcomes, as they all contribute to knowledge, growth, and future improvements in program planning.

Third, the PHN must reflect on what stakeholders want to know. How can you create a lasting image of the program and an understanding of its impact for those individuals who were unable to attend?

Finally, upon completion of the evaluation phase of the nursing process, keep in mind that your program has generated new assessment data that needs to be fed back into the very first step of the process: Assessment. This illustrates the continual cycle in the life of a PHN, and the community and residents with whom she or he partners.

This week you will apply that knowledge and skills to carefully evaluating your program with a critical eye. You will also carefully evaluate the effectiveness of your program. This will help you plan for disseminating your project to key stakeholders in Week 11.

As you continue to engage in your practicum, remember to record your hours and activities and reflect on your experiences in your practicum setting. Your Practicum Time Log and Journal is due in Week 11.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Develop an evaluation design plan
  • Determine appropriate evaluation type(s) for a specific program
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a public health program

Open Forum: Developing a Public Health Plan essay assignment

Peer feedback, collaboration, and idea exchange contribute to the development of your knowledge and skills in public health nursing and overall development as a professional.

Throughout the week use this Discussion area to:

  • Share resources relevant to this course that you have found helpful (articles, websites, academic resources)
  • Ask questions and/or advice related to the development of your public health program design
  • Share insights and/or challenges from your practicum site experiences
  • Share insights and/or challenges regarding logic model development