NURS 6730 Week 11: Leadership and the Marketing of Public Health

Get NURS 6730 Week 11: Leadership and the Marketing of Public Health essay assignment help

NURS 6730 Week 11: Leadership and the Marketing of Public Health essay assignment

NURS 6730: Public Health Nursing Leadership | Week 11 essay assignment

In order to bring about social changes that will result in improved health outcomes, public health professionals must communicate effectively with their audience (i.e., consumers of public health information). Historically, public health professionals have struggled to communicate effectively to their audience. “As scientific findings emerge, we tend to bombard our audience with often conflicting information that leaves them unsure of what steps to take to change their behavior” (Shi & Johnson, 2014, p. 450).

NURS 6730 Week 11: Leadership and the Marketing of Public Health essay assignment

Alternatively, the use of strategies such as systematic, consumer-based communication approaches has the power to engage the public in creating social change and thereby increasing the likelihood of lasting change.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify consumer-based approaches to creating social change (D)
  • Apply skills for communicating effectively with a target audience (D)
  • Analyze public health nurse leadership roles (D)
  • Analyze leadership skills to address public health issues using social marketing strategies (D)
  • Analyze social determinants of health for public health issues(D)
  • Identify sources of funding for public health issues(D)
  • Analyze ethics, law, and policy implications of public health issues(D)
  • Identify potential stakeholders for public health issues(D)
  • Analyze local, national, and global perspectives and resources for addressing public health issues(D)
  • Analyze opportunities to leverage communication resources to build support(D)
  • Create professional portfolios (PP)
  • Create detailed time logs (P)
  • Analyze Practicum Experience problems, issues, or situations (P)
  • Apply evidence-based concepts, principles, and theories to Practicum Experiences (P)

The topics you have focused on for this course have required you to look at public health issues through the lens of leadership. You now know that in addition to focusing on a specific public health issue and its many components, you are simultaneously managing your own leadership of the issue. You are applying and experimenting with a range of leadership competencies that influence the outcome of specific initiatives and your overall professional experience.

A key aspect of your leadership when addressing public health issues is the ability to present information effectively. Your ability to inform and communicate evidence-based needs and priorities effectively can lead to increased support for your initiative from multiple audiences.

For this Discussion, you will prepare a presentation of your approach to leading a public health issue intervention.

To prepare:

  • Review the public health issue you have considered throughout the course.
  • Consider how the development of your public health issue can serve as a Case Study for leadership as you address your chosen public health issue.
  • Review this week’s Resources for considerations related to the dissemination of information.

By Day 3

Post an 8– to 10–slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and a 3– to 4–minute Executive Summaryvideo presentation of your Case Study for your colleagues using Kaltura.

Be sure to address the following in your Case Study presentation (PPT and Video):

  • Your role as a public health nurse leader addressing this issue
  • Specific leadership skills you will need to lead this effort
  • The social determinants of health that influence the health issue you are addressing with your case study. How do the social determinants impact interventions aimed at addressing this health issue?
  • Potential sources of funding for your project.
  • Ethics, law, and policy implications
  • Potential team members joining you on this effort
  • Stakeholders/community
  • State, national, and global perspectives and resources addressing this issue
  • How you will leverage the media and other communication resources to build support and get the word out. In other words, how will you market public health?

View a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues by providing feedback on their leadership approach to address their chosen public health issue. What suggestions can you provide to strengthen their message?


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