NURS 8210:Health Information Technology Systems-Nursing Informatics

Get NURS 8210:Health Information Technology Systems-Nursing Informatics essay assignment help

NURS 8210 Week 1: Introduction to Health Information Technology Systems and Nursing Informatics essay assignment

NURS 8210: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology | Week 1 essay assignment

In 1943, Tom Watson was quoted as saying, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Little did this chairman of IBM realize that the advent of computers would revolutionize all facets of society, including health care. The health care industry has used the power of technology to dramatically improve the quality of patient care. Today, bar code scanners document patient medications, robotic machinery is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries, and pill bottles feature audible labels to assist patients in taking the correct medication. As health care continues to change and new innovations appear, what types of skills will nurses need in order to harness the potential of emerging and evolving technologies?

NURS 8210:Health Information Technology Systems-Nursing Informatics essay assignment 

This week you will examine the history of nursing informatics as well as the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) initiatives that drive technology education for nurses. Using the TIGER and American Nurses Association guidelines, you also evaluate your own informatics competencies.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Summarize how informatics has impacted or changed nursing practice
  • Evaluate the influence of informatics competencies on quality of care and nursing practice
  • Apply online learning resources to professional growth and development
  • Compare the contributions of two nursing informatics pioneers

Post your responses to the Small Group Discussion based on the course requirements.

Staying Current

Print and web-based media provide many rich and credible resources for staying abreast of the latest trends and issues in health care. As you proceed through the DNP program, you will find that receiving updates via the Internet or mail can continue to support your professional growth as a scholar practitioner.

To prepare:

  • Review several resources that provide current information about the latest trends and issues in health care
  • Select one that you think is most appropriate for you to stay current on the latest trends and issues in health care

By Day 7

  • Subscribe to the resource you selected
  • Copy and paste an email or photo of your successful subscription notification/confirmation into a Word document and submit it to the submission link by Day 7.
  • NOTE: You are expected to maintain your subscription throughout this course. Review several of the updates you receive to inform your Discussions and Assignments.

Week 2 Assignment: Nursing Informatics Pioneers essay assignment

One of the major drivers in recent health care reform legislation is the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act’s (ARRA) HiTech Incentive. This act, passed in 2009, earmarked $22 billion for the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), with a goal of 100% adoption in all practice settings by the year 2014. The HiTech Act provides an example of the pivotal role that health information technology plays in the delivery of quality health care services. Yet, health information technology is a relatively new field. This Assignment provides an opportunity for you to examine the contributions of pioneers in this arena and consider how their contributions have influenced health informatics and nursing practice today.

To prepare:

  • Visit the AMIA Video Library 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers webpage listed in the Learning Resources.
  • Review the biographies and video presentations of pioneers who are of interest to you, or may hold a position that you aspire to achieve.
  • Select two nursing informatics pioneers and conduct further research on their contributions.
  • Consider how their contributions have influenced health information technology and nursing practice today.

NURS 8210:Health Information Technology Systems-Nursing Informatics

By Day 7 of Week 2

Write a scholarly 3- to 4-page paper comparing two nursing informatics pioneers. Synthesize your thoughts using the bullets below as a guide:

  • What are the professional accomplishments of each individual?
  • How have their contributions influenced nursing practice?
  • How have their contributions shaped the field of nursing informatics?
  • What lessons can you take away from their experiences?
  • What skills or ideas demonstrated by these leaders might you apply to your professional practice?


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