NURS 8250: Theoretical Foundation for Research Presentations

Get NURS 8250: Theoretical Foundation for Research Presentations essay assignment essay assignment

NURS 8250/NURS 8250N Week 11: Theoretical Foundation for Research Presentations essay assignment

NURS 8250/NURS 8250N: Advanced Theoretical and Scientific Perspectives in Nursing | Week 11 essay assignment

It is simply impossible to become a great leader without becoming a great communicator.

NURS 8250: Theoretical Foundation for Research Presentations essay assignment 

—Mike Myatt, Forbes (2012)

Your expertise as a nurse scientist can be a tremendous asset whether you seek to influence policymaking, shape education, manage healthcare initiatives, raise funds for a program of research, or engage in other endeavors. Yet, to achieve your aims as a scholar-practitioner in nursing, you must be able to communicate effectively with differing audiences. Throughout your doctoral program, you will apply the techniques that successful leaders use to express their ideas, learn from others, and engage in the level of discourse necessary to produce positive social change.

In Week 10, you created a presentation of your theoretical foundation for research. This week, as you share your presentation with colleagues in the Discussion, think about why you need to be able to communicate with others about your research. Also consider why it is important to both offer encouragement and ask probing questions as you build a community of scholarly support.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Evaluate presentations of theoretical foundations for research

Discussion 1: Theoretical Foundation for Research Presentations

In Week 10, you viewed instructions for creating and sharing a presentation of your theoretical foundation for research. You have been assigned to a small group so you can view some of your colleagues’ presentations. In this Discussion, you and your small-group colleagues will apply the analytic skills you have been developing in this course to evaluate each other’s presentations. You are encouraged to engage in scholarly dialogue to strengthen the foundation for your dissertation research, or another program of research you may pursue in the future.

Note: If you wish to share your presentation with the entire class, you may post your presentation in the Discussion 2 forum. Use the graded Discussion forum in the Groups area of the course navigation menu to respond only to your assigned small-group colleagues.

To prepare
  • As you view each of your small-group colleagues’ presentations, consider the following questions:
    • Is the theoretical foundation logical and appropriate for the phenomenon?
    • Are all of the essential elements included so that you have a clear understanding of your colleague’s work? If not, where are the gaps in information?
    • Are there any inconsistencies as you examine the theoretical foundation elements?
    • How effectively does the presenter support his or her work?
    • Is the presentation visually appealing? Is the narration easy to understand? Does the work reflect a scholarly presentation style?
    • In summary, what are the strengths of the presentation? What would you recommend your colleague improve upon?
    • What questions do you have about your colleagues’ theoretical foundation and potential program of research? What would you like to learn more about?

By Day 3

Post your evaluation of your small-group colleagues’ presentations, including strengths and recommendations for improvement. Pose questions and/or share insights to promote scholarly dialogue and support the development of each colleague’s future program of research.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

By Day 6

Respond to each of your small-group colleagues, sharing insights you gained by viewing the presentations and exchanging feedback. In addition, offer encouragement for the continuing journey toward earning a PhD.

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