NURS 8701 Module 1: DNP Project Discussions

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NURS 8701: Doctor of Nursing Practice | Module 1

The Discussion in this module allow you to interact with your colleagues in the DNP program and with your Project Chair in this course. Discussions will be required weeks 1,3,5,7,9 and 11. These Discussions are intended to be open, scholarly forums for sharing insights related to your DNP Project experience. You must post an initial post and respond to at least one colleague for each discussion week.

NURS 8701 Module 1: DNP Project Discussions

Learning Objectives

This required assignment fulfills the second Course Outcome:
  • Analyze issues related to doctoral study

Assignment: Quarter Plan Document

You are required you to submit the Quarter Plan document that details your goals for the term and gives dates for when you will accomplish each goal. Be realistic about what you plan to accomplish. Read the document carefully and be realistic about what you will accomplish this term.

You can find the Quarter Plan Template on the Course Information page.

This is your required Quarter Plan for this term. You have to post it in the Week One Assignment Link by 5PM on Friday.

Note: When submitting your Project Premise, the QUARTERyear section of the filename should reflect the first two letters of the quarter. For example, Chris Smith’s QUARTERyear section for a Project Premise submitted during the summer quarter of 2012 would be SU2012.

Discussion Week 1

Post the practice problem you are working on, the approach you are taking, your practice focused question, and the type of project that aligns your work (education intervention, clinical practice guideline, quality improvement, systematic review of the literature etc.) Submit your Quarter Plan into the grade book, week 1, day 7.

Discussion Week 3

Discuss the significance of your DNP project to nursing practice and how this project will contribute to positive social change.

Discussion Week 5

Describe your current progress in the process of completing your DNP Project and meeting your Quarter Plan goals. Please share any tips that have helped to support your success. Submit a revised Quarter Plan into the grade book, week 5, day 7.

Discusson Week 7

Discuss the relevance of your selected model or framework to your DNP project. Justify why your selection is the most appropriate for your project question.

Discussion Week 9

Post a brief summary of your experience, to date, with the process of exploring the literature related to your project. Include any resources you have used to help you organize the literature.

Discussion Week 11

Reflect on your Quarter Plan and discuss the progress made on the DNP Project objectives outlined in the Quarter Plan. What do you need to move to the next step (proposal, defense, IRB approval etc.). Share any tips that have helped you achieve your milestones for the quarter. Remember to submit your Quarter Plan into the grade book, week 11, day 7.