Nursing Theorists

Nursing Theorists

Nursing as a profession has been in demand and evolving over the years. There was a time it did not have the popularity as it has in the modern world. Over the years, different researchers have contributed to the evolution of nursing which have made it better in teaching and practice. Each researcher contributed unique content that they studied for years and now form basic guidelines of modern nursing both in education and in practice. In this paper, the theorist that will be studied is Virginia Henderson. The paper will discuss her contribution to modern nursing and explain why she was chosen for this evaluation. Nursing Theorists

To start with, among the many very important nursing theorist, the video of Virginia Henderson was chosen for various reasons. Virginia has been referred to as the Nightingale of Modern Nursing. This means that she was a very important tool that forms a very strong pillar of modern day nursing. She authored the book that defines the nature and responsibilities of nurses. She defines the role and activities that are carried out by nurses and explains them in details (Henderson, 1991). She also defines the principles and standard practices of nursing that are very crucial in the nursing profession. All these contributions are worth understanding and this is the main reason why this theorist’s video was picked. Nursing Theorists


The theorist has different explanations and philosophy that define the modern-day nursing career. One of the theorist beliefs concerning the nursing career is the roles of the nurses. Virginia describes the different activities of nursing in which she lists 14 main activities. These activities I agree with as it is very evident they form a crucial part of nursing in general. Another fact listed in the video that I agree with is the nursing roles. Nurses have three cardinal roles which include doing for the patient, helping the patient and working with the patient. Nurses perform these roles every day; for all the patients, when the patients cannot perform the roles and where the patient is instructed by the nurse on how to perform the tasks (NOWSKI, 2013). While watching this video, I was surprised by a very unique statement; the statement that defines the unique function of a nurse. This statement is familiar to me and I have known it for a very long time. What came as a surprise is that the statement was defined by Virginia Henderson. Nursing Theorists

I would recommend this video to other nursing students for the content that is available in the video. The video contains the historical journey and the contribution of one of the popular theorists in the field of nursing. It can work as a motivation for the students to explore further than the class work so as to ensure that the nursing profession grows even further. The theorist defines the activities and roles of nurses that are core to the modern nursing. The video can inspire the students to understand that the profession has evolved through the years and it encompasses a wider commitment than just a profession.

The video has a rich contribution to the life of a person and specifically almost everything a nurse should know. The different roles and nature of the nursing job discussed in the video are a valuable information that can be applied to ensure that the services offered by a nurse are of high quality. The video also gives information on the evolution of the nursing profession which is a very important motivation tool for students who value dynamic careers that can help them grow. Nursing Theorists


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