Nursing Theory Plan of Care

Get Nursing Theory Plan of Care essay assignment help

Nursing Theory Plan of Care essay assignment

Use the case study to complete the assignment.

Nursing Theory Plan of Care essay assignment

Choose one nursing theory.


Mr. Issler, your patient, recently moved in with his daughter-in-law after his wife passed away two months ago. The daughter-in-law is no longer married to Mr. Issler’s son, but she is at this emergency room visit with Mr. Issler and states that she wants to help take care of Mr. Issler. She tells you that when Mr. Issler got off the airplane after a two and a half hour flight, he was pale and diaphoretic. She took him to the emergency room at the hospital. He was seen by a cardiologist and has a follow-up appointment next week for an echo cardiogram. The patient tells you he has congestive heart failure (CHF) and a history…………….


Write a plan of care for the patient in the case study using your selected theory.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper as an introduction to your plan of care with the following elements:


  • Analysis of the congruence of concepts and theoretical statements in your nursing plan of care
  • Determination of the current influences of research utilization in practice

Cite at least two peer-reviewed articles.


Format your plan of care and paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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