Reflection Paper on Nursing

Reflection Paper on Nursing

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) started a two-year program in 2008 to generate a report which would assessed and make recommendations for the betterment of future nursing profession. This paper discusses my reflection on those three IOM recommendations, how my education level affects job market, and how it affects the role in the future of nursing.

Fitting Myself into the IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations

According to the recommendation 4 of IOM report; The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health; the nurse workforce should be increased with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020. In accordance to the recommendation, all the academic nurse leaders throughout the country should work together and associate with the various organizations and people to make the diversified group of nursing students that helps to fulfill the demands of the different people throughout the life. Moreover, different private and government educational bodies, funders and people should be associated to ensure the funding and record the progress of the program (IOM, 2010). Reflection Paper on Nursing

Recommendation 5 focuses on doubling the number of nurses with doctorate degrees by 2020 with aim of achieving the need of research to ensure the quality and safe health care in correspondence to the changing healthcare system. Therefore, with the support of different healthcare organizations and universities, funders and accrediting bodies the schools of nursing should look upon the need of the diversification in nursing faculty and researchers. Also, recommendation 6 mentioned that the nurses, nursing students and faculty should be provided the resources and promotes a culture of lifelong learning to enhance their capabilities that helps them to provide the necessary care for the different people through their lifetime.

Being a nurse, I am very much excited and agree about the recommendations made by IOM about enhancing the nursing education system, achieving increase number of nurses with baccalaureate degrees through a number of different programs and promoting lifelong learning. At the same time, I feel very happy and proud about my decision of enrolling in RN to BSN program. I am going to finish my BSN degree soon and I found myself to be fit in the IOM Future of Nursing recommendations. From the BSN course, I feel myself acquainted with a broad area of healthcare environment including community health settings. This will help to develop my readiness of working in any healthcare settings including primary and preventive care. Also the education regarding the patient safety, policy development, leadership, evolving nursing practice, trends and issues in nursing, faith diversity etc enhances my ability to work more effectively in this changing healthcare environment. Moreover, I am now capable of working collaboratively with other health care provider and manage the care of patients and their families and encourage patients to manage their own chronic conditions. Reflection Paper on Nursing


Doctorate degrees in nursing is the attainment of highest level of scientific knowledge and practice that maintain the equilibrium between altering demands of complex healthcare system and the quality healthcare (, n.d.). I am very much aware of the need of increment in nurses with doctorate degree. Therefore, I want to pursue this degree and would encourage my friends to get enroll in the doctorate program. Also, I would like to continue the education and earn the advanced degrees in order to enhance my abilities to fulfill my job as a healthcare provider. On getting an opportunity, I will always come forward for the lifelong learning and keep up to date with technologies and knowledge. Reflection Paper on Nursing

Job Market Based on my Educational Level

I am confident that increasing the level of education (RN to BSN) will help me to become competent enough in the current job market. “An RN with a BSN has the foundation to perform every task and responsibility of an Associate Degree Nursing (AND) with greater opportunity for upward mobility. A BSN RN, however, also has the prospect to work in public health, become a nurse educator, nurse practitioner, pediatric nurse, neurosurgical nurse, or a nurse anesthetist” (, n.d.). Also, I will be paid more with this degree. In accordance to American Nurse Today, “The bottom line is that nurses need to look in new directions for employment, must learn new ways to find and get those jobs, and will have to take steps to get and stay competitive in a new job market” (American Nurse Today, 2012). The health system is changing from an acute care model to a preventive and maintenance care model. Therefore, I have to advance my education and ensure the lifelong learning to cope up with the changing healthcare system. Reflection Paper on Nursing


To conclude, the recommendations given by the IOM Future of Nursing enhance the role and need of nurses in this changing healthcare system. And I can reflect myself fitting to these recommendations that will greatly affect my career and future plan. Reflection Paper on Nursing


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