Response to nursing discussion board

Get Response to nursing discussion board essay assignment help

Response to nursing discussion board essay assignment

In obese asthmatic patients, how does exercise compared to inactivity influence quality of life?

Response to nursing discussion board essay assignment

Importance to Nursing Practice

This PICOT question directly impacts health outcomes across the lifespan. Asthma and obesity are chronic disorders that are affecting individuals internationally (Freitas et al., 2015). This is important to nursing practice because it is part of the healthcare professional’s (HCP) duty to accurately educate the patient population about these disorders and provide interventions to improve the population’s health outcomes. Research states that aerobic fitness and physical activity are crucial factors in both the identification and management of the obese child, adolescent and adults who have asthma (Lu et al., 2016). In addition, exercise is linked with improvements in health related quality of life and decreased airway inflammation with asthma (Freitas et al., 2015). Consequently, inactivity has the opposite result. Therefore, nurses have the capability of helping individuals across the lifespan through education and providing proper interventions.

Two Barriers Nurses Might Encounter

There are several barriers that nurses might encounter. Two barriers that nurses might encounter are patients refusing to exercise and the lack of proper evidence-based research to support the relationship between exercise and asthma. Though there are numerous articles about interventions that may influence the quality of life of asthmatics, research states that there is a gap in knowledge concerning the physiological mechanisms linking asthma and exercise (Lu et al., 2016). Although these barriers are present, nurses can discover ways to formulate creative methods to attract patients to adjust their lifestyle and improve their health.

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