Safety and Health Care Manager

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Safety and Health Care Manager essay assignment

Areas in which a current safety and health administrator should have basic level of competency

The current healthcare and safety administrator must form the affirmative culture in the system to confirm the people‘s health and safety. The manager will attain people’s health and safety if he has a basic proficiency that will allow him to ensure the ethnic progress. The following are the essential that the safety and healthcare manager must have.

Safety and Health Care Manager essay assignment

The healthcare and safety manager should provide care that is patient-centered. The healthcare administrator needs to respect, identify and care the differences of patients, preferences, values, and their needs (Lenburg, Klein, Abdur-Rahman, Spencer, & Boyer, 2009).  The healthcare and safety manager should organize unceasing care, communicate with, and listen to, clearly inform and instruct the patients. The manager should share management and decision making and constantly advocate for the promotion of fit lifestyles, disease prevention, and wellness inclusive of the look on health populace.

The health and safety administrator should work in interdisciplinary groups (Lenburg, Klein, Abdur-Rahman, Spencer, & Boyer, 2009). The manager should cooperate, integrate, and communicate make sure that care is reliable and continuous.

The healthcare manager should apply eminence progress. The manager should be able to identify hazards and errors in health care; comprehend and implement essential safety policy codes such as simplification and standardization (Lenburg, Klein, Abdur-Rahman, Spencer, & Boyer, 2009). He should also constantly measure and understand the value of care in standings of process, structure, and outcomes in association to the community and patient needs. He should also test and design interventions to change organizations and courses of care with the aim of upgrading quality.

Some common, expectable difficulties that health and safety administrators faces during their practice

Health and safety managers lack improvement chances.   Almost have the number of healthcare managers revealed that lack of improvement opportunities is the main challenge, and it poses a lot of difficulties in their previous or present position.

Safety and health managers face a challenge of work overload (Kovacs, 2007). Conferring to a survey of CareerBuilder, the worker scarcity is becoming a threat in many healthcare organizations.

Health care and safety workers face a challenge of poor salary. Most employees hold that poor or inadequate salary is a matter of their jobs (Kovacs, 2007). While managers might think that salary is the main aspect that retains the employees. Managers should create a friendly working setting where the employees get reinforcement to follow their goals.

Safety and health administrators face a challenge of poor contact to technology. As the healthcare systems fight for technology implementation at the same time keeping effective actions, their workers may be facing some challenges (Kovacs, 2007). Most workers feel that they do not have sufficient training or access to technology.



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