The emergency nurse practitioner

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The emergency nurse practitioner essay assignment

A little bit about myself I am a BSN, RN for 1 year. I started off as an LPN graduated from Mercy Hospital school of nursing and began my career as a home health nurse for 3 years then was given the opportunity to start hospice with a staffing agency. Have worked for Vitas and Seasons hospice as a continuous care nurse. I attended FNU for my RN-BSN while I worked as an LPN. Received my RN license in 2016. I started my career as an RN in case management for Kindred Hospice and currently working here. I decided to peruse a masters level degree but wanted to further specialize and become a nurse practitioner to open more opportunities to impact my patients lives in a more prominent way as a FNP. I believe the future for this profession has a positive outlook and room for growth and opportunity.

The emergency nurse practitioner essay assignment

As a nurse practitioner one of the main barriers we have as medical professionals is that of prescribing medications. As nurse practitioners in Florida we can prescribe under the supervision of a physician only while in other stated the NP has authorization by the state to prescribe medication especially when prescribing narcotics. Although the laws in Florida have not caught up with other states it is something that is being debated and discussed in the state and boards of medicine and nursing as well. With the growing population of elderly and longevity there is going to be a demand for more medical professionals who can assist physicians with care. In the healthcare field indicates the importance to follow an interdisciplinary plan of care in which all parties including patient, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners and all other providers should be involved in the care of the patient Horrocks, S., Anderson, E., & Salisbury, C., 2002).

Studies have shown that nurse practitioners are now becoming respected medical professionals around the state and are as significant in the care of the patient as physicians. Many patients report positive outcomes under the care of nurse practitioner. Many patients enjoy that nurse practitioners have nursing background ore focused on holistic care and can offer medical expertise by assessing diagnosis and prescribing and can also nursing knowledge and compassionate care to their interactions. Nurses have had positive outcomes working in clinical practices, and even in emergency room settings. There is much opportunity growth of the nurse practitioner profession. (Cole, F. L., & Ramirez, E. 1997).


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