The impact of the professional development plan on teachers in KSA

Get The impact of the professional development plan on teachers in KSA essay assignment help

The impact of the professional development plan on teachers in KSA essay assignment

The purpose of writing this research is to know the impact of a professional development plan on teachers’ improvement in the KSA. In fact, a professional development plan for teacher in the KSA is one of the main problems that faces education there. To improve the education, we should improve teachers to drive the wheel of education toward the best. Teachers should be learners always to develop their abilities, expand their horizons of knowledge, and diversifies their methods. In addition, the evolution and improvement of education after teacher training and development periodically and the impact on education outcomes the KSA is one of the reasons for creating the Continuing professional development program(CPDP) in the KSA to make sure that teachers get benefits and success using new education method. (عبيد, 2008).

The impact of the professional development plan on teachers in KSA essay assignment


A teacher is the most significant point in education because that educators have to improve teacher’s role and develop it but, before that they should believe in how greatness their role in the society. A teacher should take continuing training to make sure that s/he gets the benefits of training. Training should have a new professional styles for teaching and education (النجادى, 2001).


Educators know the important impact of teachers on the students for that they always search for the new method to qualify teachers. When teachers get a best training and qualifying that means the education objectives will be achieved (النجادى, 2001).






     History of the professional development plans in the KSA:


In 1954, the professional development (PD) plans in the KSA started, but it was not for all the areas in the KSA. Some 1025 teachers benefited from the PD. Every time, the PD lasted 1 – 3 weeks, and it was given during the summer time. (General Directorate of Training and Scholarship, 2002).


from 1955 to1973, the Ministry of Education designed the professional development plans in many subjects to provide teachers with their subject’s materials, but the programs still in some areas not for the whole country (General Directorate of Training and Scholarship, 2002).


In 1974, the general directorate for training and scholarship was established, so the professional development plans have become one of the task the GDTS.


In 1997, the teachers were increased. In addition, there was not training in all the KSA areas the GDTS built centers for the professional development plans to provide as many as they can of teachers by the professional development plans (General Directorate of Training and Scholarship,2002).


In 2006, the MOH used KING ABDULLAH PROJECT’s to develop education and teachers as the most important part of education. The program is developing until now (KAAPEDP, 2010).










I have asked some questions for teachers,




Do you know what is the professional development plan?


where do you work?


What do you teach?


How important do you think the professional development plan is?


Have you ever taken training?


if your answer is yes, do you think it was useful for you?






What is teacher professional development plan?


Kedzior and Fifield (2004) a description of the process of teaching in the classroom with the integration of teacher’s vision and objectives which match with levels, evaluations and the suggestions to improve witch have clues.


Elmore (2002) a description of continuing training for professional development plan to be compatible with the best methods.


Is a process aimed at adding knowledge, develop skills, and professional values with the teacher to achieve breeding (1998, اللقاني).




The impact of professional development plans on teacher’s improvement in the KSA research is a mixed research between quantities and qualitative. The research identifies for public and private teachers, all majors, men and women, and different ages of teachers in KSA.


Six questions have asked to ten different teachers in the KSA. The questions show if the teachers have taken the professional development plans. Also, the questions illustrate their opinions about the professional devolvement plans and if it’s useful for them.


The first question was about the meaning of the development professional plans and all the answers said they know what the professional development plans is. Second question was about where do they work and eight of them was in public school and two at private school. Third question was about their major and they were teaching humanity, science, math, and language. Four was the most important question if they believe the professional development plans are important or not and almost of the answers said yes. However, some said no that because they did not believe changing is important to improve their method of teaching. Question five was about if they have taken training and almost of them said Yes, but a few said no! In fact, because the professional development plans are not mandatory unfortunately in the KSA. The last question was for they who have taken training if they find it useful and all of them said yes.