The Law and License Investigation

The Law and License Investigation

Have you encountered a situation similar to the scenario in the Self-Evaluation? If so, how did you handle it? (Throughout Modules 2-3, we will cover information pertinent to this scenario and your options.)

How does your State Nurse Practice Act address Nursing Peer Review situations?

Post your responses to the questions above on the Discussion Board by 23:59, Wednesday of Module 2. Then respond to two or more of your colleagues’ responses by asking each colleague at least two probing questions. The probing questions may ask the person to clarify statements or provide more detail, or may ask the person to consider another viewpoint. Please respond to each of the questions you are asked by your colleagues during the online discussion. You will be evaluated on the quality of your summaries, questions, and responses to colleagues’ questions. The Law and License Investigation

Basic APA format is required.

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Here is the scenario:

You, the RN, arrive early on your regular orthopedic unit. Your Charge Nurse comes to you and says that you need to go to the cardiac step-down unit. You protest, but she says she has no control over the situation and that you at least need to go to the step-down unit and see what is going on. You arrive at the step-down unit. The House Supervisor is present with the unit Charge Nurse. You are told that the unit is very understaffed that day and that you must take patients. You protest that you have worked only orthopedics for the past 10 years- that you do not know the current cardiac drugs and side effects, the current treatments and post-treatment care and that you have never had to read the type of cardiac monitoring strips that are generated on all the patients on this unit. The House Supervisor tells you to not worry. She explains as follows: The Law and License Investigation

· There are monitoring techs who are responsible for reading the strips.

· You have access to a PDR and Pharmacy if you have questions about the drugs.

· A nurse with recent experience on this floor will be able to go around with you to orient you for about two hours. (That nurse must return to his regular floor in two hours.)]


You again express concerns that you are not qualified to take this assignment. The House Supervisor takes you aside and says, “We need you to step up and help out here. We need team players in situations like this. If you refuse, I’m going to have to discuss your refusal with the Director of Nursing and your unit manager — it may not be good for your career here at this hospital. Besides, do you think you are the first nurse who ever had to take patients in a less than perfect circumstance? The patients are worse off if you refuse.” The Law and License Investigation

Reluctantly, you accept the assignment. About 5 hours into the 12-hour shift, you mis-titrate a cardiac drug. The patient codes, never regains consciousness and is transferred to ICU. The patient dies 3 hours after being transferred.

Two weeks later, you are called to Human Resources. Your unit manager, the House Supervisor, and an HR representative are there. You are told that you are being reported to the state’s Board of Nursing due to the negative outcome of your patient.

Each week you will make an entry into your Journal. You are asked to reflect on 3 of the key points for each class. Key points: What did you take away from the module knowledge wise or interesting? Each entry should reflect on your understanding of the topic, your experiences and observations in your work environment or general nursing environment regarding the module topic. The Law and License Investigation

This is a cumulative document. You will save it to your own computer desktop or memory device and update it each week. You may choose to record more than one entry each week, especially if you have an “aha!” moment as a result of your reading, discussions, or experience. You will upload and submit the latest version of your Health Policy & Legal Aspects Reflective Journal to Blackboard by 2359 the Saturday following each class of this course. It is not necessary that your entries be formatted or written in any particular way because it is for your benefit . Your entries will only be reviewed to ensure that you are making sufficient progress and thinking deeply about the requirements in the course

Each week, record your experiences, connections to your course goals, and reflections as they relate to the given prompts and/or your course project. You must record one entry each week, but may record more (insert rows as needed). You may find it helpful and rewarding to record one entry at the beginning of the week, think about the prompt during the week, and then record another at the end of the week. For privacy, refer to patients, online colleagues, and/or co-workers with initials instead of names. Remember you must support your key points with cited references  The Law and License Investigation

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