Theoretical Basis for Nursing

Theoretical Basis for Nursing

Natalie is a new graduate nurse who now has to face some negating appropriate behaviors with the patients, co-workers and medical staff. There is a lot she needs to learn such as role strain that includes the incongruity, and some other major roles such as the requirement in learning to get used to managing complicated equipment and medications. In her line of work there, some issues may occur such as power/authority and domination. Two nurses are trying to hold on to their power as they are observing Natalie as a threat since they are more experienced, but Natalie holds an advanced degree. Natalie has noted that she lacks reciprocity in their relationships with the other two experienced AND nurses. At this time she feels as though she should withdraw from the scene. In her quest to resolve the issue she meets her professor to discuss the issue. Theoretical Basis for Nursing

Her professor offers her some recommendations which he thinks will be of assistance to her. She should not do anything at this time. The behaviors of the other nurses are common, especially to a novice. Time will prove how ready she will become. She should try and embark on the conflict and try to think about the other two nurse’s perspective. She should speak about her sentiments now to the other two nurses that she is a brand new Registered nurse and have a prolonged learning period (McEwen, 2014). The department of sociology can assist in understanding people and groups of people when interacting with one another in some social settings. There are sociological concepts such as utilitarianism, which dates back to hundreds of years, and have influenced some of the theorists into working in the areas of the exchange theories and others such as the interaction theory, conflict theory. When trying to understand how the hospital nurses work the sociological theory can assist in understanding the underlying conflicts and behaviors between employees. Theoretical Basis for Nursing


One specific theory that can be utilized in the case is the Role theory. Natalie is feeling the “role strain or role stress.” As a brand new nurse in the hospital, she is overwhelmed with the numerous tasks that she must complete during her shift; she is also in conflict since the other two nurses that she has met there are unhelpful, and not welcoming at all. The role theory points out to both parties that are involved, in the case Natalie is a ‘Newbie,’ although likely to get a higher remuneration than the nurses she has met. Natalie is uncertain about her role since it is her first time to practice, but her coworkers are not assisting her to get used to the new role (McEwen, 2014). As a new nurse, it is essential to negotiate appropriate role behaviors with the patients, co-workers and the general medical staff.

Through structural theory, it is apparent that experience plays a huge role compared to the education earned. Therefore, although the other two nurses are behind in their educational qualifications, their roles an experiences that run for ten years has taught them the essential things of the nursing care. It includes taking care of the patients, making sure the needs of patients are met and quality communication. The creation of a rapport and communication is very important when it comes to the nursing profession (McEwen, 2014). Natalie is finding it hard to cope with the busy schedule that is there in the ICU and the monitoring of the equipment and medications. She spends a lot of time there such that she does not have enough time to focus on communication and interaction skills. Theoretical Basis for Nursing

Natalie should exercise the conflict theory, through accepting that the other two nurses are threatened by her since she is more learned than they are and she is likely to overtake them. It is hard for them to hold on to their positions since the employment field is requiring advanced types of degrees for the employees. A lot of novice nurses are opting to go back to school to maintain their current position in the hospital.

Natalie is in a dilemma, but it can be resolved through the realization of what is going on here. The other nurses are trying to negotiate their roles here while at the same time attempting to keep her in her position. If she would realize all these, then she would stand a better chance of improving and consequently reduce the stress that she is currently experiencing. It would be prudent that she has a conversation with the serving supervisor since she requires someone who is supportive of her as she resolves the current conflict. She also needs to approach her coworkers and tell them about what she feels about their doing that is making her fail before she even gets a chance to get used to her job. Natalie needs to choose what is the best approach that will amicably resolve the situation in the department.

In conclusion, Natalie needs to keep quiet as she gets used to knowing the job and gain the necessary knowledge from the other two AND nurses from experience. If Natalie is not rejected, she is more likely to take a distinct approach and appreciate them through being nice. It would assist her in a great way in resolving her situation.


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